Kayla & Kugel

Kayla & Kugel

By Ann D. Koffsky


Paperback; 24pp $9.95


A Shabbat Story for the Whole Family!

Kayla’s dog Kugel is a big help as Kayla sets the table for Shabbat . . . despite a few paw prints on the tablecloth, a missing Kiddush cup, and other mishaps. When they’re done, even Kugel knows that a beautiful Shabbat needs one more thing—family!

About the Author

Ann D. Koffsky is the author and/or illustrator of more than thirty books for children, including Frogs in the Bed: My Passover Seder Activity Book and Kayla and Kugel’s Passover (coming Spring 2016). She lives in West Hempstead, New York. 

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Apples & Honey Press brings together the best authors and illustrators from North America and Israel to create memorable stories for children that illuminate the values of family, community, having fun, and being the best we can be.

Kayla & Kugel Reviews

Category: Picture Books
Kayla sets the table for Shabbat while she manages to avert numerous mishaps caused by her overeager assistant, the mischievous puppy Kugel.

Kayla patiently allows Kugel to "help" by pulling on the tablecloth, grabbing the Kiddush cup, and balancing the salt shaker on his nose while she succinctly narrates all the steps to setting a proper Shabbat table. The easy interplay of pictures and text allows children to read the illustrations for some of the unsaid details that telegraph Kugel's next possible calamity. They will be amused by the proximity of disaster for each of his little upsets, such as dirtying the table with his paw prints or trying to eat the flowers. When finished, Kugel's sadness helps Kayla realize that they are not ready for a "Shabbat Shalom" until the whole family gathers around the table. Cheerfully amusing, brightly colored illustrations depict the rambunctiousness of an adorable and endearing young puppy. Beyond the plot, the larger message of the importance of family to the weekly celebration is effectively presented to the toddler set.

This upbeat explication should prove both entertaining and instructive.  

- Kirkus Reviews

Category: Children's Bookwatch

Join Kayla and her dog Kugel as they prepare for a special Shabbat meal with the family in an exuberant story about practicing hiddur mitzvah, the use of beauty to enhance a religious practice, as well as the Jewish value of sh'lom bayit, or creating peace in the home, in this case, through celebration of Shabbat. Vivid, brightly colored illustrations decorate the pages of this special Shabbat preparation, while Kayla and Kugel spread out the bright white table cloth, shimmery glittery candlesticks, tasty toasty twisted challahs, and even a jeweled Kiddush cup. There are fancy shmancy plates, shaky, tasty salt, and delicious smelling flowers. Kugel's help is chaotic but heartfelt, and Kayla rejoices in her Shabbat preparations, but as the background darkens to purple twilight, they realize something is missing. What could it be? Of course, family! "Shabbat is best when we share it with family." "Kayla and Kugel" comes with a downloadable set of free activity pages for decorating your home and table for Shabbat at, www.annkoffsky.com. "Kayla and Kugel" is an ideal storybook for preschool children ages 3-6, who will respond joyously to its vibrant appeal.

-The Midwest Book Review