By Marc Lumer, DovBer Naiditch, and Chaim Burston

Illustrated by Marc Lumer


Jacketed Hardcover, 32pp, $17.95

Where do children play tower games with tower pieces, wear tower hats and eat tower cakes? In the city of Babel, of course! There, the people are building a tower that will reach up to the heavens. The tower is the most important thing in the world to them. But what will happen when they realize that a tower is just tower?

In this contemporary retelling of the biblical Tower of Babel story, the people of Babel are presented though the lens of a very relatable family and their neighborhood.  Illustrated with a fantastic attention to detail, each corner of the city and tower are filled with new discoveries that will delight every reader.


About the Authors

DovBer Naiditch (author) has been published in numerous journals and small print collections. His short story The Angel in the House was named a notable selection in America’s Best Short Stories 2013, and he is also a writer for the Jewish video company,

Chaim Burston (author) is an internationally known storyteller, and a musician. He has recorded five collections of beautiful and haunting tunes entitled Jewish Mystical Melodies. Learn more at

Marc Lumer (author/illustrator) has worked as a visual development artist on projects including the Prince of EgyptBatman Beyond and Superman. His book Benny’s Mitzvah Notes was selected by The Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee as a notable book. See more of Marc’s work at

About Apples & Honey Press

Apples & Honey Press brings together the best authors and illustrators from North America and Israel to create memorable stories for children that illuminate the values of family, community, having fun, and being the best we can be.

Reviews for Babel

Category: Picture Books

"An embroidered version of the etiological tale from the book of Genesis, with a multicultural cast."
Kirkus Reviews

"This picture book retelling has handsome a format with breezy changes to the story. This volume exudes energy in its short, fast paced text...the illustrations are charming; they will captivate children with their crashing storm scenes and elephants climbing to build the tower."
- AJL Reviews 

"Before reviewing Babel, I must confess — this will in no way be an objective review. This project — written jointly by Lumer, Burston, and Naiditch — has been "under development" for years, and since I know Mr. Lumer professionally, I got my first glimpse of the eye-catching world he was dreaming up quite a while back.
"As the title suggests, Babel depicts the story of the migdal bavel from the Parshas Noach. The authors had to walk a very delicate line between commitment to the text as it appears in the Torah and child-friendly silliness, and they succeeded. They dipped only slightly into the commentaries on the parshah but retained the most important details in the original text.
"Humor sparkles throughout both the words and the images. When "Tower Fever" takes over Babel, its inhabitants eat tower sandwiches and tower cakes and play board games with tower-shapes pieces. And the image of the angels sweeping away knowledge of loshon hakodesh as they sleep is magical.

"Babel would make the perfect introduction to the story of the Tower of Babel for both Jewish and non-Jewish children. The authors created an entirely English text — no Hebrew words tossed in — and as mentioned above, they did not introduce midrashim or concepts which would surprise the non-Jewish reader (even commonly known ones like the assertion that the one, original language was Hebrew or that Nimrod and Avraham Avinu were present during the tower's construction). The lesson is clear, explained in an age-appropriate way, and not heavy-handed. This makes the book not only perfect for home-use, but an excellent choice for classrooms, libraries, Hebrew schools, and Sunday schools. I'd recommend it for ages 3-6."
- The Jewish Home