Spring 2017

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How It's Made: Matzah

Meet the people who make matzah — by hand or in factories — and see how they keep to the strict 18-minute time limit, mirroring the Israelites' race against time over 2,000 years ago. Find out how the matzah-making process is more than just mixing flour with water, and shows us the value of doing things together.

Bake your own matzah, decorate an Elijah's cup and grow your own greens. Watch it all unfold with more than 100 stunning photos that reveal a fascinating world behind the scenes. Read more





The Passover Cowboy

Until last year, Jacob and his family had lived in Russia, where he and his friends would run in and out of each other's homes, one house right next to the other. But now his family had moved to Argentina, and to Jacob, it seemed that friends were harder to find in this new land. Could his new friend Benito join them for the seder? Would he? Could a Passover meal here in Argentina — with cowboys, ponchos, chickens, and horses — feel like home, too? Read more




Journey Through Jerusalem

Three curious kittens climb windmills, race along ancient ramparts and balance on Roman ruins in the world's most fascinating city — Jerusalem!

As they scamper from one iconic site to the next, Jem, Mirri, Bex and their mother, Olivia, find themselves in a unique and diverse world: a city that is home to three faiths, where one view outshines the next, and where the old and the new come together at every corner.

The capital of Israel, Jerusalem is a city full of surprises and delights. Read more






Maddie the Mitzvah Clown

When Maddie sees Giggles the Mitzvah Clown perform at her Grandma's senior home, she decides to join in! She puts on a big red nose and learns how to make balloon animals, sing songs, and most importantly, how to bring smiles and happiness to Grandma and Grandma's friends.

Along the way, Maddie learns how to overcome her shyness, too, and become a more confident and happy mouse. Read more






The Goblins of Knottingham: A History of Challah

Long ago, in the town of Knottingham, there were three little goblins: Knotty was naughty, Knotsalot was no good, and Notnow was no good, no how, not then and not now!

More than anything else, these mischievous goblins liked to tangle children's hair!

Find out how the children fought back and how their tangled hair led to the unlikely invention of a braided bread called challah.